I should really be resting in bed. When your throat looks like you’ve gargled with your breakfast oats instead of eaten them (isn’t that the best of images?), you know that your time is probably best spent under those covers.

But when I went to the doctor’s yesterday near Coorparoo Mall, I was so starved for shopping that I did something totally unexpected of myself—something I swore I’d never resort to—Vintage shopping at Salvos. DUN DUN DUNNNN.

The sales weren’t bad! I picked up an awesome boyfriend blazer from some brand called Le Petites or something for $15 that I intend to DIY to perfection (stay tuned!), and also the funky white bracelet pictured above for 50c. Fifty cents! eBay, you’ve been outdone. To top it off, I didn’t get any infectious diseases from shopping there, which my hypochondriac mother was insistent that I would pick up the very second I step into a Saint Vinnies store.

There’s also a closing down sale at Coorparoo Mall where I picked up this amazing buy—A brand new Mickey Mouse watch with genuine leather band! I love how vintage it looks, I was very pleased with my purchase. There were pretty cool things at Coorparoo Mall that day—all leather shoes were half price, with some being as cheap as $15 a pair, but alas, they were too uncomfortable for my wide foot, so I had to leave them behind. If you’re in the area though, I implore you to take a look!

Here’s the rundown for the day:

Cream top – Temt, $5

Marigold cardigan – Mother’s, vintage!

Jeans – Target, $15 (I wear these all the time!)

Geometric necklaceeBay, $2.70

Geometric bracelet – St. Vincent De Paul, 50c!

Leather Disney watch – Coorparoo Mall, $5 (Yes that’s right, it was also haggled down for good measure, haha)

Brown desert bootsTarget, $25 (I’m pretty much wearing desert boots 24/7.. need more shoes.. but they’re so comfy!)

The total? $53.20. The verdict of the day? Vintage shopping is pretty amazing.

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