When everybody else is wearing tan..

Points if you know where those lyrics are from!

I figured it was time for another post after the massive success of my last one—thank you all so much who subscribed to my blog!—and decided for a change of tact this week. Though I made it my personal mission to bring you outfits around the $50 mark, I had to go a bit over budget for this week’s outfit. Though in keeping with true frugal style, fear not, all outfits can be compiled under $100 and not a penny more.

This week I attended a VIP business meeting with some clients and thought it was the opportunity to crack out some bright accessories to combat the gloomy weather. Sad to say, it was raining outside and I was unable to shoot in my yard, so I cleaned up my desk and snapped a few pictures there instead.

Here’s the countdown:

Deer necklace – eBay, $2

White men’s shirt – Kmart, $7.50 (came in a 2-pack)

Black patent belt – Temt, free with a dress

Owl ring – eBay, $1

Red watch – eBay, $4

Red clutch – Zelows, $10 (from a sale 5 years ago!)

Black ponti fishtail skirtASOS, $25 (using 15% off code)

Diamond pantyhose – Kmart, $5

DIY red-soled heels – Aldi, $20

Total: $76.50.

With this outfit, as seen in the first photo, you also have the option of adding a blazer on top for colder weather. This particular one is from Target for $29, reduced down from $50, though there are many similar blazers available on eBay for cheap (for example, this one). So potentially, that could up the outfit price to around $90.

I’m compiling another post to come soon to show you guys where you can buy cheapies of my accessories on eBay and beat me at my own price!

This compilation is much more expensive than my usual, but I figure you can blur the lines a bit when it comes to finding classic pieces for a work outfit. The blazer I will be wearing until it’s rubbed raw, since it’s black and in a classic cut, and same goes for the skirt and shoes. Everything else is interchangeable, but sometimes you need some general staples in your wardrobe that you can wear for years to come, and  that’s not a bad investment to me.

Also, if anyone has noticed, you’ll see my shoes have had a very classy makeover!

More details on how to DIY your very own pair of fake Christian Louboutins coming up soon.

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