We all love ASOS, right? (Let me hear a “hell yeah”!)

But sadly, when you’re dealing with a budget, sometimes you can’t afford exactly everything you’d like to buy on your wishlist. This happens to me, all the time. I used to have 4 items on my wishlist, but it’s now completely saturated by dresses of every sort up to $25 (this is my self-imposed budget for dresses, which I rarely go over).

But what if I told you that you could save money every time you shop at ASOS?? This trick works well when it’s combined with a coupon code too, but it’s still effective otherwise.

Take this dress here: Rare Sequin Cut Out Dress. (Mullet dress. I chose this one because it’s the closest I could find to the AU$100 mark.)

With Australian currency on the website, it’s $101.12. When you change that to British Pounds, it changes to £62. However, when you convert this through the website http://xe.com, you get the price $93.61 back! So there, instant saving of $7.50. It may not seem like much, but it’s a bit, and the savings are even better when you use a coupon over it!

Take this week’s coupon 10SALE for 10% off the price of all sale items.

When combined with the Australian price, it gives you a saving of $10.11. When combined with the GBP price, it gives you a saving of £6.20. So this is £62 – £6.20, which leaves us with £55.80, which then equates back to $84.22. So you’ve practically knocked $17 off the original price and it’s like the site has given you a 15%+ off coupon instead!

I hope the non-mathematical could follow this post logically enough. For those who are as abysmal with mathematics as I am, the low down is that changing the currency to GBP before you buy = savings!

Now what are you waiting for? Go spend some money ;)


  1. This is awesome, thank you for this tip :) For students like me, saving the few bucks here and there make such a huge difference. Esp for coats that get pretty pricey. Hoping it still works now in 2014!

    • Demi

      It should still work! I haven’t tried it for a few months but it worked the last time I tried :)

  2. I had no idea about this Asos trick! My partner and I both order off Asos often, so I’ll be remembering this in future! Thanks :D

  3. I wondered if there was going to be a price difference as soon as they launched their ‘australian’ site – American Apparel was terrible at this back in the day, the prices differed hugely and you couldn’t buy off the American site once they launched the Australian one.
    Just got to be careful what exchange rate your bank charges you (it is never as competitive as XE) and if you get charged a fee for purchasing in another currency – sometimes that can eat up the savings difference. Will definitely need to investigate though.

    • Demi

      The Bookdepository used to have a hack (cheat?) where you could mask your IP with a UK proxy and the price of books would go down because they automatically included shipping in the cost of the book and it was cheaper to ship to a UK address than an AU address. Since I found that out, I’m always suspicious to know whether masking my IP or using a different currency makes a difference or not. I go through PayPal thankfully, so they do all the conversions for me and don’t charge me fees for change of currency!

  4. I always shop in pounds to save a few dollar!

    P.S. I love your blog! I don’t have put anything on my “I wish, but I can’t afford’ list. Hehehe.

    • Demi

      Thanks, Bec! You’re lucky not to need a list like that! Mine is growing by the day..

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