(Let me see your booty drop!)

I am listening to only the corniest of music today. Felt a little crazy so I went and picked out the brightest of brights in my cupboard. Embracing that pastel trend. Oh yeah. I had to borrow a few pieces from mum’s cupboard because I admittedly lack shoes that go with this outfit but I don’t think I did too badly with my vintage picks!

The rundown:

Bunny Bow Locket NecklaceeBay, $1.50

Doki-Geki Trench CoatRoss, $10

Sequin Collar Shirt – Kmart, $10

Blue Star Belt – Jay Jays, 80c

Owl ringeBay, $1

Bronze Watch – Mum’s, vintage

Candyfloss Jeans – Kmart, $15

Gold Snakeskin Heels – Mum’s, vintage

Total: $48.30!

Admittedly, this outfit cheats a little because shoes are generally the most expensive part of an outfit, but a pair of gold flats or sparkly gold pumps from Rubi will only set you back anywhere between $5-$20 at Brisbane’s DFO, so bearing that in mind, this outfit is still pretty frugalistic.

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