Welcome to the new and improved Carbon Chic! Thank you for stopping by–I hope you enjoy your time here.

This website was built on a WordPress platform. It’s made from blood, sweat, tears, and a sprinkling of PHP. I took the colour scheme inspiration from one of my outfit posts because it is the direct combination of a handful of my favorite colours: orange, blue, beige and maroon. The leaves in the background were hand-drawn and scattered around the page to give the website a lovely Autumn feel (Autumn being my favorite season right now!). For the future there will possibly be a chance of a dynamic background to change appearance every season, but for now, it stays as it is!

New things will be added to the website every now and again, mostly some more plugins for the sidebar and the footer, so if you find the website down, don’t panic! It’ll be up and running again shortly.

Carbon Chic was optimized for Firefox, but will also display in Chrome and IE (though everything looks worse in IE, as I’m sure you already know). I have no clue what it looks like in Safari. I’m hoping it’s somewhere between “acceptable” and “awesome”, though.


  1. Hi CC!

    Thought I would comment here and not over on VF because this is all very exciting.

    I love your new website and layout, it looks fantastic. It’s so very cute and I want a new layout now!

    Caitlyn (NikhitaVF) xo

    • Demi

      Thanks so much Caitlyn!! I hope you’re finding the website easy to use :o)
      You should totally go and make a new theme for your site too–it’s so easy and omg FUN to do! (And of course, rewarding :D)

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