I love bags. You get a nice bag, you throw all your junk in there (all your ketchup packets and tampons and medicated deodorant are safe from prying, judgmental eyes), and you’re ready for anything. It’s even better when you find yourself a nice bag to coordinate with your outfit; that’s just like the cherry on top of the cake for me.

But bags are so damned pricey in Australia! Even Target is guilty of selling overpriced bags (at full price anyways) every now and again. When it comes to bags, they’re like jewelery to me–I like to mix and match them around a lot so it doesn’t matter if they’re not of the utmost quality. I’m not carrying laptops in them, I never shove them on the ground and kick them around and mistreat them. Though they’re cheap, I take care of my lot really carefully (and you should too!). I still have bags in practically pristine condition from Target 3 years ago that I wear all the time, so it’s not like if you buy a cheap bag, it’s gonna fall apart after a few wears. You hear worse stories on Vogue forums about Mimco bags coming apart at the handles after two wears, and so on!

Anyways, I do digress. These bags above are my hottest picks for the current season. It’s all about the little things; studs and skulls and zips and printed panels! Check these babies out:

1. Zara Gold Sequin Clutch, $60 | eBay, $6.60 (comes in pink, black and gold)

2. Cheap Monday Envelope Bag, $55 | eBay, $9.50 (comes in lots of colours–more colours in different listings)

3. Alexander Wang Rockie Duffel, $720 | eBay, $26

4. Alexander McQueen Knuckle Duster Clutch, $900 | eBay, $19 (n.b. don’t buy from a listing with “knuckle” in the title or the bag may get seized at customs because of the description)

5. Sportsgirl Leopard Panel Duffel*, $30 | Target, $13 (See the bag in my other post here)

6. VirginBlak Studded Envelope Clutch, $44 | eBay, $9.30

Phew! What a rundown. Don’t mind me, I’m just rushing off as we speak to buy that gorgeous sequin clutch..

And for those enthusiastic creatives out there, I’ll be turning one of my newly bought duffel bags into an Alexander Wang inspired masterpiece soon; just keep an eye out for the how-to coming soon!

*Picture and price info from T for Thao Nguyen, thanks!!!


  1. After months of searching for the Zara sequinned clutch at a reasonable price on ebay, I gave up and had a knock off on my watch list for $16.50 thinking it was a bargain. I’m glad I saw your post – you’re the ultimate bargain queen! Also thanks for the tip on the 97K ebay sellers, I have a couple of shirts on the way to me too! :)

    • Demi

      Thank you so much and you’re so welcome! (The sequin clutch is so amazingly cheap, isn’t it??)

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