Hugo is sick of my photography | 9-port powerboard, YESS | Delivery from Romwe, yay! | Clothing not so yay, boo! | River Island package! <3 | Taking classy selfies in the toilets. Lookbook post soon. | Nail polishes from The Heat Group! | Package from Target | Selfies at John’s 21st Birthday Party last night! Woo!

I am so sorry for my absence this week, guys! You would have no idea how hectic my life has been in uni. I’m buckling down for my last two months in this degree and it’s probably the toughest round I’ve done. Sick of the repetitive subjects, sick of learning things I’ll never get use out of, sick of trying to understand foreign lecturers with accents so thick you can cut it with a knife. Speaking of knives, sick of cutting myself while doing bloody lino printing! I’ll be endeavoring to kick it up a notch this week and post more frequently with lots of new frugalistic topics to ponder over..

These are a few snapshops from my week–I had quite a wonderful week of packages. The skirt from Romwe was so awful in quality that I promised never to buy from them again. Buyers are catching on to that company–they’re selling things you can get for cheaper on eBay (they have the exact same suppliers!!), and they’re making a killing from having popular bloggers promote them and then pinching the bloggers’ photos to up the look of their site. They’re quite clever, they really are. River Island, on the other hand, they are brilliant. Both items I got from them (a $10 metallic dress that’s on ASOS for $32, and a $10 pink skirt (in the next picture)) were absolutely gorgeous and really high quality. The Target stuff I received wasn’t so bad either, but I mostly bought stuff from the kid’s section and all the sleeves were too short for me. ROOAAAR! I did end up keeping a gorgeous mint skater dress though; you’ll hopefully see that some time in the future.

As for the Ulta3 nail polishes? You’ll just have to wait and see..

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