McDonalds’ soft serve.. mmm.. | This peplum top was $8 on eBay! Woo! | Finished my lino prints.. thank God | Ready for Vron’s going away party in my Dotti dress! | Cheezburgar.. omg.. best junk food ever | My new dinosaur pictures–$15 for a set from the Reject Shop | Photoshoot pictures (finally) came back.. can’t wait to post about them next week | Cute little winged ring.. $1, from eBay | Subway cookies are the best. I buy three only to be economical, I swear

I’ve decided to make these a fortnightly occurance instead of weekly. The reason for this is not because I’m lazy (which, well, I sort of am to be honest), but because my life just isn’t interesting enough, really.  But yeah, these are the selections from the last few weeks–a snapshot into this frugalista’s life. All outfits you see before you are sneak peeks of what you’ll be getting over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!


    • Demi

      I’ve heard that, but I myself just can’t get over their macadamia cookies!

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