Let’s do this.

Aliens | ASOS purchases | Mint blouse | AliExpress jewellery haul | Gold nail polish | Hugo being photogenic | Adorable fox ring | Benefit Beauty Babes | AA is for #ASOSaholics_anonymous | ASOS packages! | AliExpress dress | Interwoven2012 decorations | Old #ootd remix | New shorter hair! | Gorgeous bow bags from AliExpress | Business cards for endemic.com.au | Interwoven2012 gradshow night! | Myer’s Santa Claus on crack | eBay blouse marked up 500% in Elizabeth Arcade | Bad-ass storm and Hugo snoozing through it | Bad-ass storm kicks ass in Kelvin Grove Markets

Wow, just made my life sound more interesting than it actually is. I gave myself a virtual pat on the back.

So where have I been? Living the dream, of course. As some of you know, I’ve been trudging my way through the final semester of my degree(s) and life has been hard. Between staying awake at ridiculous hours of the night (morning?) to finish assignments and preparing 60 student profiles for their upcoming graduate exhibition, blogging was pushed back as my very last and least priority. I did have some time to spiffy this joint up a bit though–I added a little bio section in the footer, finally added a favicon (I was lazy, so sue me), and replaced the tag cloud with a search function. Over the next few months, I’ll have some more content added to the main pages, open up commissions, and we’ll have a jolly old time here, just you wait and see.

Main take-away from that post is a big ol’ hooray! I’ve finished uni for this year and am awaiting my graduation day with baited breath, but in the meanwhile, I’ll be hanging around and posting content here as per usual.

Life is fabulous right now, Summer is approaching, so let’s go shopping!

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