James’ 21st Cluedo-Themed Party! | Big brands selling cheap Chinese wares? Check | Started experimenting with my hair | In the stands during graduation! | Lining up outside with my best friend | Two degrees. Boo yeah. | Pretty pastel sandals from Wittner | Mary Janes from Jo Mercer! | Strappy red heels from Wittner again.. another pair of shoes not pictured. Omg. | The most expensive dress I’ve ever bought, legitimately. $50! | Sarah’s gingerbread house | Karlo’s Lego-Inspired birthday cake!

You are just never prepared for life, are you?! I’ve had a busy couple of weeks since you’ve heard from me last. Since my graduation, I’ve kicked a minor shoe addiction (pun very intended) and put away some serious sweets during the holiday season. Know where I put them? You don’t want to know..

It’s no secret that I’ve been neglecting this blog in favor of the good life (chillaxing, eating, shopping, and so on), but I plan to have much better self control next year. I considered having “blog at least twice a week” on my list of New Years Resolutions but you know what? There’s nothing stopping anyone from starting on their NYR’s right now. This very instant. Life is short, it’s passing you by, and no miracle date will help you achieve your goals if you’re not committed to them. So with one night to spare (trust me, I would have started earlier if the idea didn’t just occur to me today), I’ve written up a list of pre-NYR’s that I plan to start up right now, today and tomorrow, and hopefully continue next year and for the rest of my life. This is my list, as follows:

  • Blog twice a week
  • Start up a blog shop and sell clothes I don’t wear! Minimalism for the win? (Oh, who am I kidding?)
  • Get on that exercise bike at least 5 times a week, 21 minutes at a time, with 8|12 second intervals for maximum effectiveness
  • Finish driving lessons and get a damned car! (Almost achieved, actually!!)
  • Attend dog shows with Hugo (one of the many benefits of owning a purebred, hehe) and train him up to Champion level
  • Love and forgive my mother more often while she’s still with me
  • Go to bed before midnight and wake up while it’s still the morning (aiming for 9am starts–more time to be productive!)
  • Fall in love

That’s my list! I’m hoping to at least score 5 out of those. We’ll see what happens. To some, ’13 is an unlucky number, but I have a good feeling about this upcoming year, don’t you? No fancy plans to punctuate the end of this year for me–just going to haul myself and a few friends/fruitboxes up the top of my hill and watch the fireworks over the Brisbane River while blasting out those beats over Pandora Radio…

What are your plans and resolutions for New Year’s Eve? Are you looking forwards to 2013 or dreading it?

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