Oh, I’m so punny. Only when editing these pictures did I notice that almost every element of my outfit has something to do with bows. I’m embracing the girly so hard right now. /Aussie

This is one of the few times that I’ll ever break the self-imposed $100 limit to my outfits.. I could have changed elements in the outfit to make it cheaper, of course, but I loved these shoes too much to hide them away.

The best time for shoe shopping is January. Jo Mercer, Zu, and Wittner, some of my favorite shoe stores, are having amazing new year sales right now, and you can pick up a trendy pair of heels or sandals for under $50 (EXCELLENT quality ones, I mean!) to add to your collection. Me, I’ve always wanted some pretty pastel pink party pumps (Oh Roger, what alliteration!) so when these dropped down to $65, I uhmmed and I ahhed and I ended up buying them. And wore them every day of that week. Surprisingly cost-effective if you look at the cost-per-wear (which we never do, because this is generally a shopaholic’s worst excuse to buy something that she can’t afford).

So with all that out of the way, here’s the rundown as you see before you:

Gold Hair Cuff – eBay, $1.70 (Unpictured. Considering buying a different one because I have thick hair and it doesn’t fit over it very neatly..)

Gold Deer Skull Necklace – eBay, $3.00 (Wear with everything. Must buy a backup.)

Bow Neck Top – Mix Apparel (Coles), $12 (Most versatile top ever.)

Pink & Gold Bow Belt – Colette, $5

Navy Bow Print Shorts – Temt, $25

Choo-Choo Pink Patent Pumps – Wittner, $65

Total: $106.70

I threw in a $15 bag from AliExpress that I got from my last AliExpress order because the pink perfectly matched the shoes. Lucky me!  Because I was buying two at a time, I went on a private chat with the seller and haggled down the price to $30 for both. If you’re considering buying more than one item from a seller, haggling is recommended because unlike eBay, AliExpress is specifically designed with haggling in mind–hence the chat function!

A lesson on frugality: The shorts I’m wearing here are full-priced. I often say that you should never buy anything full priced because of how often stuff goes on sale, but when you spot something that’s excellent quality at already a pretty low price, you have to be wary that people might get there before you and leave you with nothing. As an example, I went to the shops the day after I bought those shorts and I couldn’t find a single one left in that color (I think there was one in beige with black bows but.. yuck). So sometimes calculated full-priced purchases are worthwhile! For a pair of shorts from Temt, they’re really superb quality– they don’t wrinkle, they’re fully lined, and they’re not booty shorts (always an important thing).

Happy new year and happy shopping, frugalistas!


  1. Hi, thanks for introducing me to aliexpress! How is the quality of the bow bag like? It looks really pretty!

    • Demi

      You’re very welcome! I personally think it’s fantastic quality, no complaints here :) I wanna go back and buy a black one but I’m having trouble locating another working listing for $15! They keep getting sold out so fast :(

    • Thanks for your quick reply :) I’d love the pink and black ones and will keep an eye on a cheaper alternative (the cheapest one so far seems to be $22).

    • Demi

      Awesome, I wish you luck with that! I’ll also be keeping my eye out because I reaaaally regret now not buying the black one when I had a chance!

  2. Given Wittner quality…the shoe purchase is justified! I love this outfit – how could I not, it’s so girly!

  3. Oh! Just noticed the polka dots are bows – they look like polka dots from afar ;) In any case, double print look yay!

    • Demi

      Mixing prints is so hard, I don’t know how anyone can do it! The only reason I got away with it here is because of the similar colour scheme in both articles of clothing, haha.

  4. Loved the double polka dot combo going on here Demi! I totally agree with your lesson on frugality – I go through the same process in my head every time. One can imagine me just standing there for 10 seconds in deep concentration, trying to work out a purchase haha. Happy new year!

    • Demi

      If you think that’s bad, I often mumble to myself when I’m shopping.. It’s a terrible habit, really. I look like a lunatic when I shop! Happy new year to you as well :D

  5. this is a fantastic outfit! I love the polka dot and bow print mix, it works so well. and it’s not too bow-overload at all! x

    • Demi

      Thanks Rachel! I took inspiration from your double polka dot outfit a few months back if you remember it ;) I’m not one for mixing prints either but this one just worked!

  6. Gorgeous outfit :) I didn’t think all-over bow would work but this is so subtle/feminine!

    I am a fellow frugalist too and rarely ever buy things for full price (since Aus RRP is so over-priced in my opinion) but I do bend the rule when I fall in love with something so totally understand where you’re coming from!

    • Demi

      Thanks, Naomi! I’ve been wearing this at least twice a week since, it’s a really comfortable Summer outfit :)

      I’m with you on the comment on Australian goods.. so expensive for what they are. I rarely bend but when I do, it’s gotta be something I absolutely love!

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