You ever get that epiphany where you finally find something (a hair cut, bow ties, strappy sandals, chunky or thin jewellery, or something else entirely) that suits you brilliantly and you never want to wear anything else ever again? I am stuck in that rut with pastels. When this trend is over, I don’t know what I’ll do anymore. In my particularly violent throes of depression, I’ll probably start resorting to buying nothing but knicker shorts from ASOS because I can and life isn’t fair.

Chain Necklace – AliExpress, $2

White Lace Blouse – Temt, $15

Mint Skinny BeltDotti, $5 (2 for $10 sale!)

Gold Sequin Clutch – eBay, $6.60 (Also available in black, silver and pink. Link has it reduced for $4.70!)

Spikes and Roses Bracelet – Lovisa, $3.33 (3 for $10 sale on now!!)

Triple Ring Pack – ASOS, $5

Lace Short With Scallop EdgeASOS, $11 (With 10% off discount and GDP conversion, boo yeah)

Beetroot Sandals in PastelWittner, $35 (Excellent deal, these babies!)

Total: $82.93

(The bracelet is a graduation present from my mother and the watch is a birthday present from Michael, if anyone’s forgotten)

It’s not fair, I’m starting to get a bit more extravagant with my spending. Just give it time and I’ll have to change the focus of this entire blog because I’ll have become one of those “good quality” snobs we all hate. No, I’m kidding, only I hate them (and that’s after a cocktail and the fiftieth time they tell me that their shoes are heirloom quality and mine will fall apart by next year).

What also isn’t fair is my life this week.

Delving into the land of makeup with my best friend Louisa, I tried to be a bit more proactive about putting on makeup throughout the week but I just broke out all over the place. I’m over it and I’ve put the brush back into that corner of my closet.

Little bit of trivia for you–did you know that Queen Elizabeth I and her fellow upper classes wore a make-up on their faces called ceruse, which was a mixture of white lead and vinegar? Even though they wore it to hide blemishes, because of the components of the makeup, it caused even more blemishes which they had to hide with an even thicker layer of the stuff, and thus the vicious cycle continued until that pallid complexion became her trademark in those old portraits you see of her today in museums and art galleries. Whenever I spot girls who have managed to mask and disguise every single pore and wrinkle on their face with a thick layer of foundation, I think about Queen Elizabeth I and the silly fashions back then and forgive them all those times they’ve stained that last sale blouse on the rack in just my size with the long, unsightly smear of bronze down the front.

Here’s another way that God is telling me that I should be staying away from the makeup:

Exasperated sigh. Buying Revlon online for a whopping saving of $3 in comparison to the same product in Myer has its risks, certainly, but I didn’t anticipate one of them being that someone at the post office would step on my envelope and crush it. Crush it like this little girl’s hopes and dreams of owning makeup that she actually bought and didn’t receive as a present from someone.. when she was 11 years old. Yes, I keep makeup for that long; I’m always deluded by the idea that one day I’ll pick it up and look like Emma Stone just like that, bam. And then I eat my lipgloss within the half hour after applying it, rub the sleep (and eyeshadow) out of my eyes, and watch as my knuckles progressively turn different colours throughout the day in that fashion. In the end (or maybe it looks like that at the beginning too), my face develops that certain je ne sais quoi about it that reminds me of the episode of The Simpsons where Homer J. invents that makeup shotgun and tests it out on his wife (with hilarious results).

It definitely reminds me that natural beauty is best anyways. And that, er.. beauty is on the, um. Inside. (Wait, is that what ugly people say?)

Stay tuned for the some Just Bitten reviews coming up soon!


    • Demi

      Thanks so much, Bea :) It’s my favorite outfit at the moment, too!

    • Demi

      Thanks Yolanda! :D The shorts were such a lucky buy, you never know what you’ll find on ASOS ;)

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