Do you know there’s an actual website where you can type in a word and it automatically generates a pun around that word for you? This unimaginative mind has started to resort to sneaky, underhanded tactics for the titles of her posts, you should know. So, back on-topic..

It’s not rare to find an amazing bargain in Target. Quite the opposite in fact–for the savvy shoppers out there, you’ll undoubtedly run into a plethora of good-quality clothing at discounted prices within those bright, shiny walls of Target Australia, and the treasure I’ve uncovered there only a few weeks ago is certainly nothing to sneer at.

Flats! Those good ol’ genuine (buttery) leather ballet flats. To say they’re simply amazing is an understatement–it’s gotten to the stage where it’s becoming difficult to construct an outfit post because these babies are featuring in all my recent outfit choices. I really don’t want to be that blogger who wears the same old shoes, handbag or.. er, hat with every outfit post, so my readership has had to go without for a few weeks. So now you’ll know the reason why–Target, you have ruined my blog forever with your cozy, comfortable, casual shoes.

To you, they’re the same old boring ballet flats that everyone else wears, but to me, they’re miracle shoes. I’ve made it no secret my dislike of cheap, flimsy, synthetic ballet flats sold at every low-grade department store or boutique alike. They give your feet blisters, they make your feet sweat, and they simply look horrible! I don’t know about you, but to me, some of the flat shoes out there are the ugliest creations known to man, and make a part of a person’s anatomy that isn’t all that beautiful to begin with appear even worse.

The really cheap and nasty ones will make your ankles roll inwards, worsening a problem I see in people almost every day (flat feet!), and are even often built with the inner arch side of the shoe as open and flattened out as possible to actually cater towards the people who have foot problems from wearing those shoes. Not to mention absolutely no coverage or support whatsoever around the widest part of the foot, resulting in your foot spilling over the edge of the shoe, and the ever-popular toe cleavage that makes your foot like it’s being squashed into not only a cheap-looking shoe, but a cheap-looking shoe that is 4 sizes too small.

If you think I’m ranting unnecessarily, let me justify myself–up until a few weeks ago, flats just really bothered me! Because of their awful construction, I always felt like I was waddling instead of walking in them, I’ve never really felt elegant or damsel-like in them, and as such never even bothered looking at shoes that had less than an inch of heel in the back. They were ugly, uncomfortable, and utterly impossible! Give me a pair of 4-inch stilettos any day over a pair of flats! That all changed when I was introduced to these babies.

Leather from the inside and out. This is bad news for you vegans out there, but nothing feels better than a pair of soft leather shoes caressing your feet as you walk. I was as surprised by the materials of this shoe almost as much as I was surprised by the current price–$24.80! I have no idea what made these shoes so discounted; they’re utterly amazing and I’ve worn the black pair below no less than 40 times since I bought them and yet they still look brand new. In such a classic style, in two classic colours–shoes that really do go with everything–I couldn’t resist buying another pair in nude and another in black after my initial purchase.

And look–no toe cleavage or spilling over or rolled ankles!


You’ll find the black pair and the nude pair on the Target website for a little more than I paid in-store ($29.88), but they’re still a good buy if you can’t find them in-stores (saves you the bus trip, too, you can click and collect for free and pick them up the next time you happen to be in the neighborhood). Even my mother, the original frugalista herself, jumped on the bandwagon and bought two black pairs, urging me to buy as many as I could in-store because in her (translated) words, “All-leather shoes for $25 that look great and fit perfectly is nothing to sneeze at, my dear“.


  1. “Because of their awful construction, I always felt like I was waddling instead of walking in them”

    I couldn’t agree more!! Will def. check out these babies!

    thanks Carbon Chic :)

    • Demi

      Make sure you hurry–there’s really very very limited stock left; It’s like they were all practically wiped out since I posted this :P

  2. Wow! That is amazing! I need some of them!!! Great tip-I never even look at Target shoes-I thought they were all synthetic!!

    • Demi

      They usually are but they have some high-end shoes that are leather and sometimes come out with special edition shoes that are also leather :)

  3. Bah! No size 5. Curse you target! Maybe they have the same style in leather, in the children’s section?

    • Demi

      Sadly, they don’t :( They have some nice synthetic styles but nothing in leather! It must really suck to have small feet; I have a friend who has size 5 feet and she’s always buying size 6 and putting insoles in to make the shoe smaller, so maybe you could give that a shot if you’re feeling lucky?

  4. I went in search of these at Buranda Target the other day because I was too lazy for Carindale (extreme laziness) but they didn’t have any!

    Might have to scoot to Carindale on Monday and have a looksies.

    • Demi

      I’m too late to tell you this–I was on holidays over the weekend–but they don’t have any more stock left in Carindale! You can blame me for that, I bought out their last two pairs and then exchanged them for my size in the Myer Centre, where they were still selling them for $30 (I’m so stingy sometimes, eek).

      They’re getting exceedingly hard to find right now, so your best best is really buying online!

    • Thanks love, I need to go to the city tomorrow to grab a present for someone so I will check in at Myer.

      Stop advertising all the bargains :P

    • Demi

      Hahaha, I’m sorry! I think there’s also some stock left in Indooroopilly too if you’re ever in that part of town.

    • Totally just bought 3 pairs at Indro! Thanks so much for the heads up. Got one black pair and two nude pairs. They were the last of the Size 9s otherwise I would have bought more LOL

      They fit my bad foot perfectly! Love them!

    • Demi

      Lucky lucky! They’re amazing, I’m so happy for you that you snagged some while they were still available :D

  5. whoa, $25 leather flats?? I always thought target flats were synthetic. I’m definitely going to check these out! I need a new pair of ballet flats, and these are perfect. I love the toe shape.

    • See the thing is that they normally don’t but these are limited editions! They’re getting hard to find in stores though so better be quick!

  6. I have always hearted Target flats, I have had last an amazing amount of years and usually you can wait until an awesome sale and get them mega cheap as well. In my experience they have lasted a couple of years of hard core wear. Not as durable as my country road ballet flats but pretty close considering they are only a quarter of that price!

    • Demi

      And these ones are leather, not synthetic like usual! :)

  7. I’m surprised to be seeing leather flats in Target! I too loathe synthetic flats, after having so many die in barely any time on me (and we’re not even talking cheap Rubi flats – which I NEVER go near – but more expensive synthetic flats) I refuse to buy them anymore. Sadly I will be avoiding those Target flats too because they’re leather soled, and as luxurious as that is, they wouldn’t last any longer than the synthetic flats. I have really heavy footing (not to mention I do a lot of running around everyday because I tend to be running late for things) and so leather soles get worn down very quickly. I have heard of Topying them but I think it’s a bit pointless and expensive if they’re not designer shoes that I’m in love with. I’ve avoided flats for a while for all these reasons but took the bullet and bought a pair of black Wittner flats during the Xmas sales. It’s rubber soled, which is more durable than leather. Let me know how the Target flats hold up after a few months!

    Btw, the pun-generating site. Please link me! It’s getting harder and harder to come up with good post titles.

    • Demi

      If it makes you feel any better, the soles are really thick and I don’t see any more scuffing after about 40 wears in those shoes than any other pair of shoes that I own (I bought the original black pair a good two months ago, I think? And worn them pretty much every day since). After 4 wears, those Novo shoes I bought with synthetic soles (a few lookbook posts ago) are absolutely shredded underneath (and I’m not exaggerating, they’re literally shredded), but these are barely scuffed.

      Here’s the pun-generating site:

      Have fun with your puns! :P

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