I think my friend Ellen best described it when she gently told me that I have a bit of a belt problem, or a “crazy belt obsession” as she put it. As an hourglass figure, I try to do my curves justice by emphasizing them through the use of belts, and I quickly found that they became one of my most useful accessories. I don’t think I’ve ever left the house without one! If they’re not cinching my waist, they’re keeping my damned pants up–it’s not easy finding pants that will stay up on their own accord.

But I soon noticed that I was buying a little too many. I had a shelf in my wardrobe that I usually put all my 50 or so-strong collection of belts on, and since I’m always in a hurry to leave the house, I’ll try on a few belts before stuffing the rejects messily back onto the shelf (I don’t have time to roll them up neatly and figure out where they belong!) and so it progressed until I had a jungle of polyurethane pythons tangled up on my shelf, with some on the floor, and a few with their tails hanging over the side. It all just made a shocking mess and I hated looking at it, so I was in denial about it. “Oh these? I have just a few belts, it’s not as many as it looks, really..”

That was the reality, until I came across these useful binder rings in the newsagent! Unlike the spiral rings you’d put on your keychain, these ones are much bigger and come with hinges so you can snap them open and closed. I bought the first one from the newsagent from about three years ago and kept it in my stationery drawer, but I couldn’t find them anymore when I went recently so I had to order the next two from eBay. Turns out they’re exactly the same and much cheaper than what I paid here, too! They’ll set you back about $2 each. You can fit about 10 belts on each ring, and my rings are categorized into neutrals, blacks, and brights.

As for where to hang them, I’m currently using my over-the-door hangers from Target that I picked up a few months ago for the photos, but I generally hook them onto the hanging rails in my wardrobe and unhook them every time I need to use a belt.

For other belt aficianados out there, don’t scrunch/roll up your belts like I did and shove them into your closet! Keeping them hanging straight like this dramatically improves a polyurethane belt’s longevity and will prevent weird looking kinks in the pleather. It will also take up much less room, and you’ll always have them organized and ready to grab when you need them.


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    • Demi

      Such a misguided statement about this post, haha. The owls are from Target, I don’t know how to make them!

  2. This is such a great idea! I definitely have to try this, I’m finding I have loads of belts even though I rarely wear them, as when I want to wear one I can never find the one I want!

    • Demi

      It’s a nifty little way to keep belts both together and out of the way at the same time! If/when you do this, you will be amazed at how much space they used to take up, haha!

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