I couldn’t find a word that starts with “J”. This in itself would be okay for me because in Croatian, we pronounce the “J” like you’d pronounce “Y”, except for the fact that it’s not that easy finding “Y” words either, and I still have the month of July to figure out. GULP!

Anyways, not relevant, really. This wishlist took much quicker for me to compile because I’ve already got a few items in my cart that I really really want. Don’t you say a word about the pastel-ness of this–I know I should be focusing on bold colours for this Winter, but I have pastel-related needs, okay? Okay.

This week’s list is 100% AliExpress–There’s nothing for the moment that I want from ASOS that doesn’t cost over $60 (ah, the waiting game) and nothing from any other stores either.

1.  Double Collar Lace Blouse w/ 3/4 Bow SleevesAliExpress, $14.39

2. Oversized Bow RingAliExpress, $1.88 (Turning this into a cute brooch!)

3. Pastel Rainbow Star EarringsAliExpress, $1.50 (Turning these into cute collar clips!)

4. Little Dog Print Blouse w/ Collar ClipsAliExpress, $9.68 (Topshop fake)

5. Patent Leather Belt w/ Gold BuckleAliExpress, $3 (Real leather! And available in like 15 colours.)

6. Large College Satchel Messenger BagAliExpress, $29 (STILL trying to find a cheaper alternative.. may have to bite the bullet on this one. Obviously a Cambridge Satchel replica.)

7. Geometric SkortAliExpress, $11.10 (Zara replica)

8. Bejweled Statement NecklaceAliExpress, $5 (I think this may be a J Crew replica?)

9. Butterfly Embroidered Pleated ShortsAliExpress, $13 (Nishe replica–available in pink, orange, or blue)

Lots of replicas and fakes on my list! It sure would be nice to have a sugar daddy right now. I’m on a partial spending ban, so obviously it pains me to buy things that I don’t need. What pains me more, though, is stressing even more about whether something is worth a purchase and I wish I could just buy things willy nilly without worrying about it. I’ve got several more interviews lined up for this week, so fingers crossed! I’d love to have a steady income right about now, build up my nest egg, have a little spending money on the side.. sigh.

That’s the plan, anyways. Who knows where life will take me now?


  1. Some of the things here are so cheap! I don’t really mind if something is a replica if it’s a replica of the high street which was probably copied anyway!

    • Demi

      Everyone copies everyone, it’s a vicious cycle, haha. Lucky for us, it means more competition in the market, which drives prices down, woo!

    • Demi

      Heyyyy Mai-anne, I have a FAQ on the sidebar about this place.

      (On a side note, you could have figured this out yourself if you had just looked at any of this year’s posts–I only mention things I’ve bought from AliExpress a bajillion times :P)

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