I don’t even think I can express how much I love my new duffle coat (more correctly known as a duffel coat, but Target calls it “duffle”, so “duffle” it is!). The way I’m wearing it totally reminds me of Howl’s outfit in Howl’s Moving Castle, so that’s where the title came from, har har. That, and I’ve been watching a lot of Studio Ghibli movies lately and that’s probably where I subconsciously got this outfit idea from in the first place. I love those kinds of animated movies! Just watched Spirited Away last night and was blown away again by how amazing that movie is. Blown. Away. Anyways, I digress..

I’ve been looking for the perfect navy coat for a while, and I always have fond memories of Target sales in these sorts of areas, so off to Target I went. I saw this one and it didn’t look too impressive on the rack–not too impressive at all, that is, until I tried it on. It was a magical coat that slightly dipped in at the waist and flared out as it reached my knees. Pockets are also an important addition to any Winter coat, and this one had two giant ones on the side–perfect for a pair of freezing cold hands.

I showed my friend Ellen this same coat and she loved it so much that she wanted it too! This was back when the coat was $79, so I begged her to give it a little time and trust my judgement about upcoming sales. She did–we did–and a few weeks later, all Target coats were reduced to $39, including this beauty! We both immediately snapped one up. This style in particular was sold out months ago online, so don’t take the online listings as an indication of what’s in-stores, they have heaps of stock! Carindale has a couple in all sizes (with the majority in larger sizes, of course) and in red and orange, so it’s well worth a look.


As a cold Winter chill spreads through my town, I’ve been looking for warmer ways to dress myself and have been uncovering more gaps in my wardrobe than I’d like to admit. This is my third woollen (blend) coat, and these are my fourth pair of pants. This won’t do at all for the upcoming Winter!

I have itchy trigger fingers when it comes to ASOS stock–they have exactly the kind of pants that I like and I’m just longing for a sale code to come out soon–it seems like months since they last had a discount code out for sale items, though! Never mind, I have such weirdly specific styles in mind that it’s unlikely they’ll get sold out any time soon. Or at least, here’s hoping!

Here’s the rundown of today’s outfit:

Navy Toggle Closure Duffle Coat – Target, $39

Pussybow – ASOS, free with these shorts

Heart Print Blouse – eBay, $8 (but you can get yours from AliExpress for $10)

Belt – AliExpress, free with a dress (It had a weird leather bowknot hot glue gunned to the front but I ripped it off because it was stupid and definitely wasn’t the right size to be a waist belt.. bastards)

Wine and Gold Bangle – Rubi, $2

Houndstooth Jacquard Cropped Pants (Cerise) – Target, $15.86

Hush Puppies Black Patent Oxford Heels – Myer, $25

Total: $89.86

The coat does bump it up a bit, but nonetheless, it’s still a very affordable price for a coat, I reckon. With this outfit, you may have noticed me carrying another bow bag–I can’t help it, I go ga-ga for this style of bag and that’s why I have three of them now. I bought mine for $15, but it’s gone up to $25 on AliExpress now. If you’re looking for cheaper options, just search for “bow bag” and trawl through listings like I did, haha, they’ll be there somewhere. Keen to own more of them at some point, they get compliments all the time, the latest of which came from an lovely, enthusiastic sales assistant from Myer. She may be reading this now, and if so, hiiiii sales assistant from Myer!

Anyways, that’s enough out of me. How are the rest of my readers braving the Winter this year?

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