So, dear readers. These are the frocks I have lovingly, painstakingly selected to occupy permanent positions in my wardrobe, and while I definitely have my favorites, very few of these are dresses that I haven’t even worn once. In a perfect world, I wouldn’t be dedicating half my wardrobe allowance to all 50 dresses (yes, 50) and I would stop buying dresses that look good in theory but I never end up wearing, but it is what it is.

As some of you may have noticed, my blog has been under hiatus for a little while now. For those interested in knowing why (and also what’s been happening in my life since my last post), please continue reading. For those not interested, rest easy in the fact that you know someone who is both frugal and wasteful with their money in the same breath and carry on!

Work is a total bummer. I get up at the crack of dawn and drive to work in my Beep Beep and then at the end of the day just before the sun sets, I drive back home and take Hugo on a run around the block and instantly hop on the bike afterwards to burn off some bun. So the only time I have to take any photos is on the weekend. That wouldn’t be too bad if I wasn’t trying to artfully slot myself into a productive social and dating life. I don’t have time to take photos when I’m busy running around all the time! My time-management skills are appalling, frankly, and in an attempt to get them under control, I’ve re-opened my blog.

The paradoxical thing about now having a full-time job is that I’m trying to wear a different outfit to work each day so I should theoretically have plentiful content to populate this blog. But you know how I am, guys. I can’t just go out in public wearing a dress and a pair of shoes. I gotta have my accessories, my tights, my belts, my matching bags and jewelry items. Equipping all that stuff takes up a good half hour and by the time I’m done, I just want to be gone, not hang around and document my outfit.

So that’s where work life has left me. Plenty of new outfits and wardrobe additions, but little time left to share them!

As for my dating life? I was having such a varied and interesting time in the last few months that I briefly considered opening up an anonymous Sex and The City style blog to record everything that went down (no joke). Actually, my dating life is the reason why I can’t post any photos of my recent birthday party (it was Great Gatsby themed and gives me a horrible pain in my stomach every time I think about it). I’ve gotten over old thorns in my side which have been replaced by new ones, made some truly awful mistakes and gained some awfully good friends, and after mulling through all these new experiences, I’ve found that my confidence levels are definitely better than what they used to be.

Because of all the above, my social life has been thriving. I’ve recently been bar-hopping for the first time ever and I was brave enough to go up to guys I found to be cute. Yes, I was. Sober, too, mind you. Not only that, but I joined a women’s running club (workplace-related, not yet initiated) and I am all lined up to go dancing next week. You see, now that my days are filled, I’m having to find very creative ways to work with my spare time.. One day I’ll strike the perfect balance and I’ll be unstoppable!

As for Carbon Chic? Expect the unexpected.


  1. I really missed u here. i used to read ur blog all the time. glad u are back with excellent bargain advices.

  2. Dresses are the worst! I always buy them and then rarely (if ever) wear them! But they seem like such a great idea at the time and I’m not someone who can resist a bargain or a pretty pattern :D

    As for time management, I’m not sure if it’s me or if there’s less and less hours in a day to dedicate to yourself! It’s tough, but hang in there :) xx

    • Demi

      We should number our dresses and force ourselves to wear a consecutive number every day. Something to prevent all the pretty dresses going to waste, argh.

      I think so long as I learn to ration my time it won’t be too bad.. It’s more important than ever to have a schedule nowadays and plan things in advance–just too hard to go places on the fly nowadays. Time is sure flying by though, which is kinda scary!

  3. Loved this post!!! I also like how you’ve colour-coordinated your dresses, looks pretty! And wow, 50?!?!?! I thought 30 was bad for me…I can’t imagine owning 50!

    Please keep us updated with your life!! I’m happy things have been going well for you :) x

    • Demi

      I’ve *tried* to colour coordinate my dresses, it gets a bit dicey around the section with florals and prints, hehe. I’d love to see a photo of your 30, though! I’m always really curious to see how other people organize their wardrobe..

      Thank you for the kind words, I’ll try to keep this blog updated as often as I can! :)

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