I know it’s not Summer anymore but whew does it feel like it. Just when I thought Summer was officially over, we had a little bump in temperature which has led to many days at a time spent basking in the air conditioning of my home and car. I’m still favoring the shorter black skirts at work because our air conditioner never seems cold enough. First world problems–seems like just yesterday I was bemoaning the frosty, arctic temperatures/temperaments at the office where I used to work and now I’m complaining that it’s not cold enough.

To be fair, I do a lot of running around in my current job and did a lot of sitting at my previous work.

Speaking of which, I’ll have to show you the kind of outfits I’m wearing to Mascotte at some point–it just seems too hot to be standing around the yard shooting pictures in black clothing.

Anyways, here is the long-awaited appearance of the Mombasa floral shorts! I didn’t wear them very much for a couple of reasons.

  • They were two sizes too big for me because I waited for a sale instead of buying them at $50 and they only had a size 12 pair left.
  • Th’heck am I gonna wear with lavender shorts–my least favorite colour?

That all changed when I bought these simple gold ballet flats from Mascotte. These are my default shoes if I don’t know what I want to wear on my feet. They’re honestly lifesavers. A cushy, buttery-soft, pair of lifesavers. Click on any picture to open up the lightbox for a closer look.

And here I am practicing my “Blue Steel” gaze–Not really, the sun was getting in my eyes.

The particularly observant will notice that my entire outfit is floral-based, from shorts to the leaf-shaped collar clips to the rings from ASOS and the gold-studded blouse from Temt. Once upon a time, I told myself I wouldn’t wear florals because I hated them, but it seems like I’m really becoming drawn to big blooms and patterns that emulate nature nowadays, and I love it.

What I’m wearing:

  • DIY Pink Leaf Earrings as collar clips – Big W, $2
  • Flower Studded Pattern Blouse – Temt, $10
  • Triple Ring Pack – ASOS, $5
  • Gold Watch – AliExpress, $6 (Available in different colours)
  • Gold Bracelet – Graduation gift
  • Patent Leather Lilac BeltAliExpress, $2.30 (Lots of colours, but the “baby pink” is definitely lilac)
  • Floral Shorts – Mombasa, $25
  • Gold Leather Flats – Mascotte, $48

Total: $98.30

Until next time, readers, stay cool and keep a sharp eye out for that box-pleated skirt tutorial. Coming up soon! :)


    • Demi

      When I realised that you could use earrings as collar pins, that just opened up a whole new world for me, haha!

  1. Wow I just found your blog and you have a really similar style to me! I love how your outfits are so cost-efficient too but I’m not a fan of shopping on ebay etc since the clothes I get always seem to be really bad quality. Any tips? I’ll be keeping an eye on this blog :)

    • Demi

      Thanks Felicity! It’s all about knowing what to buy and what not to buy. I am really critical about what I buy from eBay/AliExpress nowadays, but I find that printed blouses are usually really safe bets. Sometimes you get duds, that’s just what happens :(

    • Demi

      Thank you Elana! I’m glad I got this one in early because the bad weather just hit and it is COLD!

    • Demi

      I know, right?? Thank gosh they didn’t sell out early!

    • Demi

      Thank you Alex! Even though they’re a dreaded lilac colour, I can’t help but love them too :)

  2. Love the burst-of-colour of your shorts! And that collar clip. If only I could remember to wear it more often.

    • Demi

      Thank you! I can’t possibly be without my accessories, although sometimes I forget to add the finishing touches too! :)

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