Displaying my gorgeous Forever New bow box bag

There’s a certain something about the combination of pale pink and sheer white stockings that makes me feel like a princess.

These heart-printed tights from Forever New are stunning!

Pink and white is one of my favorite combinations. I don’t get to wear it too often because pale colours get dirty very, very quickly around here with a rambunctious teenage Vallhund, but when I get the opportunity, it’s absolutely relished. That’s why I freaked out when I found a pink and white box bag from Forever New for $16. Admittedly it doesn’t see the light of day too often because of the silver hardware (you know me, I’m a gold girl) and the fact that I’m super duper paranoid about getting it dirty (touch wood!) but it remains a solid favorite in my bag collection. That’s why when I got an opportunity to buy a matching pink patent belt with a silver buckle on it (also from Forever New), I jumped at the change to finally get an accessory that matched!

What I wore:

  • Silver Studded Heart Necklace – Mum’s
  • Silver and White Striped Top – SES, $2 (Amazing bargain!)
  • Pink Patent Belt with Silver Buckle – Forever New, $6.50
  • Silver Mesh Band Watch with Sapphire Face – Target, $6
  • Lace Short With Scallop Edge – ASOS, $11
  • Sheer White Tights with Heart Print – Forever New, $5
  • White Kidskin Leather Heels – Mascotte, $28

Total: $58.50

It was then that I realised that I’m wearing three things from Forever New in this outfit. Big fan (of their wares and their sales), guilty as charged.

White heart-print tights from Forever New and white kidskin leather heels from Mascotte

I always wanted a pair of white tights with white hearts on them and I found the perfect pair at Forever New that fit the bill. Normally, I’d be the first to advocate ducking off to eBay or AliExpress to buy these sorts of things but the fatal flaw with that comes with having long legs that don’t fit into little Asian-made pantyhose, so I had to find a pair in Australia. It’s not as easy as you’d think!

Same with finding a pair of perfect white leather heels. Mascotte is known for having all kinds of unusual styles in their stores, and when I found these in their city store, on special down from $140, I had to snap ’em up. They’re lovely and so comfy! As an aside, at the moment, their (Brisbane) city store is closing down which means that pretty much everything is 50% off or more and it’s a great time to nab a bargain for those who like kooky styles of shoes.

Silver Mesh Watch with a Navy Face from Target

But what I’m most excited to show you is this watch that I bought from Target about a year ago. I found it on the clearance/damaged items/opened packets rack back when they used to have those (dammit, bring it back!!) for $6 because it had a broken clasp. I wouldn’t call it so much broken as missing the second clasp–it still closes and holds just fine with only one clasp and I didn’t even know that it was missing until I took it home and noticed that it didn’t have the second securing latch on it like my other mesh watches. Although I don’t wear a lot of silver, it was definitely a good find for when I do wear those kinds of outfits.

All in all, I think I pulled off my silver-toned outfit quite successfully! Would you and do you switch your metal colour of choice when the mood strikes you or are you loyal to your colour?


  1. I love this outfit! The heart tights are so cute, I love your top as well I am obsessed with stripes at the mo! x

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    • Demi

      Thanks Alice! Stripes are great for when you just don’t know what you want to wear that day :D

  2. You. YOU. I have things to say to you.

    First of all, I love this outfit, and I do believe you are indeed the Bargain Queen. Those shoes are excellent and I think I am going to have to make a trip to this glorious 50% off sale. I love me a sale. Also I just read your post about that jumble sale in Hamilton. UM YES. This is all very relevant to my interests.

    Secondly – GEEZ, woman, I feel overwhelmed (and slightly aroused) by all the lovely comments you left on my blog! I read them at work as they came through on my phone, and they made me feel a little bit better about my shitty night. Each time a customer got mad about something, I thought to myself, “yeah, well … you might be angry that the carpark is further away than what you expected, but AT LEAST SOMEONE LIKES MY BLOG.”

    Do you know how to rollerblade?! You are so cool and Miami-ish. I bought rollerskates a couple of months ago and every weekend I tell myself, “THIS’LL BE THE WEEK THAT YOU LEARN”. Have I learnt? Have I bullshit. My rollerskates are really cute, too.

    ANYWAY – on with the complimenting. I have loved your blog for ages. I think I came across it through Pineneedle Collective, maybe? Something like that. I have spent so many hours on Aliexpress because of you. Also you have nice hair.


    PS – if Coles came out with Yellow Snow in the frozen goods aisle, I would be the first in line. Business idea?

    • Demi

      I have things to say back! If you like the jumble sale in Hamilton, did you know that Wynnum has 8 op shops within a 2-block radius and that I’m going today to see all of them? Be very jealous.

      Is it weird that I also use my blog as a way to justify shitty life occurances and instill in myself the idea that I’m better than the shitty people that treat me shitty in everyday life? Can’t be, since someone else does that too!

      Legitimate offer right here–I will teach you to rollerskate if you want. Yes, I will, that offer is open. My lessons are free but you must be my friend or at least pretend to be my friend until the lessons are over. I’m not as creepy in real life, I promise.

      Don’t worry, by the way. I’ve spent so many hours on AliExpress because of the sheer enthusiasm I put through this blog about the damned place–I feel like any less than the hours I spend fanatically trawling through all the listings there would be disingenuous to my readers.

      P.P.S. Would the yellow snow be lemon-flavored? Lemons suck. I have a lemon tree in my back yard and it sucks and the lemons on it suck.

  3. This is a gorgeous outfit! I just love your heart tights and your lace shorts. I may need a pair of shorts like yours! The subtle print mixing going on in this outfit is perfect.
    I tend to gravitate toward gold, but I’ve been digging silver again for the past year or so. Your watch is awesome and what a great deal. Target always has the best clearance!

    • Demi

      Thank you Jamie! I didn’t even realise I was pattern mixing, oops.. Talk about not seeing the forest for all the trees, haha.

      I noticed that you do a lot of metal mixing in your posts, it’s really hard to make up your mind when there are so many lovely accessories in either metals that you can’t find in the other colour, argh! (I know that pain)

  4. I’m in love with this look. So so cute! Those shorts and tights are just perfect! Although I used to think of myself as a silver girl I definitely gravitate towards gold nowadays. Its just such a bummer though because my pre-engagement ring (which I never take off) is silver and clashes with the gold, bah!

    • Demi

      Thank you Delores! I used to be a silver girl because I had dishwater blonde hair but gold just feels more feminine for me now.. But on the topic of engagement rings, I’m not sure if I’d like a gold one, it seems too old-fashioned now, argh! (Luckily for you, since it’s a pre-engagement ring, I’m sure that the engagement ring will be to suit your new tastes and you’ll be able to replace it ;) )

    • Demi

      Thank you Marlen! I bought them on a whim about a year ago and I’ve been trying to incorporate them into an outfit ever since, haha :lol:

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