Le Zinc Vintage dress, Target polkadot blouse, Lovisa Beetle Brooch

Hello frugalistas! This is the dress I wanted to show you–the one I bought from St Augustine’s Jumble Sale. I found it tucked onto a little rack on the upper level, where all the international designer brands were held and now it’s safely tucked in my own wardrobe.

From what I could find out, it was made by a French label in the 80’s (that would explain the shoulder pads). It’s well-structured, fully-lined and made from gorgeous, thick, crepe-de-chine fabric that resists wrinkling and keeps you warm in Winter (I am also wearing a thermal t-shirt bodysuit underneath the blouse, so that helps).

Le Zinc Vintage dress, Target polkadot blouse, Lovisa Beetle Brooch, Stud Collar Clips

This is also a good opportunity to show off the other glasses I chose from Specsavers (more pictures near the end of the post)! These frames are from designer Alex Perry, and I love the gold flecks around the edges of the glasses–they remind me of feathers, a little bit–and the tortoiseshell arms are endlessly stylish.

Le Zinc Vintage dress, Target polkadot blouse, Lovisa Beetle Brooch

You know I love my accessories.

Small Gold Mesh Lorus Watch RTA50AX9

This is another new thing I wanted to show off–my gold mesh Lorus watch is a graduation present of mine and I utterly adore it. It has a really slim profile which means it doesn’t feel too bulky on my wrist but, as you come to expect when you have wrists that disappear when viewed in profile, the band is abnormally long and adjusted to the tightest setting, which leaves an annoying excess of strap wrapped underneath. I’ve been trying to find a place that will cut mesh straps down to size, but I’m starting to feel this is an impossible ask.

Cheap or expensive, I always have this problem with mesh watch bands (this funnily enough gets even worse the more expensive the watch is, e.g. Skagen). Why are they so damn long? Who has wrists big enough to fit the loosest setting anyways? Jabba the Hut?? WHAT KIND OF MONSTERS ARE WE MAKING THESE WATCHES FOR??

Sheer Black Polka Dot Pantyhose, Mascotte Kidskin Heels

On another note, these tights are one of the varieties you can get from the Reject Shop for a couple of dollars. They last a fairly decent time and I only managed to destroy my last ones because I seemingly lose all coordination when I’m around sharp objects. Dammit.

Le Zinc Vintage dress, Target polkadot blouse, Lovisa Beetle Brooch, Stud Collar Clips

What I Wore:

  • Alex Perry 34 Frames – c/o Specsavers
  • Stud Collar ClipseBay, $1 (Bought them ages ago, wear them all the time, yet never featured them..)
  • Black and Gold Bee Brooch – Lovisa, $3.30 (3 for $10)
  • White Flocked Polka Dot Blouse – Target, $10
  • Gold Nautical Knot Belt – Colette, $5
  • Le Zinc Umbrella Pleated Skirt – St Augustine’s Jumble Sale, $5
  • Gold Mesh Lorus Watch – Graduation gift (similar here)
  • Sheer Black Polka Dot Pantyhose – Reject Shop, $2
  • Black Kidskin Leather Heels – Mascotte, $40

Total: $66.30

What’s weird about this outfit is that the collar clips and belt are utter favorites–things I’ve worn a million times over–and yet they’ve scarcely made an appearance on this blog. That’s definitely about to change!

Anyways–watch out for my Specsavers review, coming up after this break.

Le Zinc Vintage dress, Target polkadot blouse, Lovisa Beetle Brooch, Stud Collar Clips


  1. You’re a hot piece of ass and I love your dress. Also have we discussed the watch thing before? Because watches go FLIPPITY FLOP FLIPPITY FLOP on me also. Except for watches with leather or plastic bands. SWEATY SWEAT. SWEATY SWEAT. Shh.

    • Demi

      GOD, YOU COMMENT ON, LIKE, EVERYTHING; are you my official stalker?

      See now I have all this confirmation bias towards there not being anyone out there who has wrists too big to fit into watches. Thanks for adding that! :P I need to start a business that sells small watch bands or otherwise can figure out how to shorten them without destroying the band and/or the watch.. With you and Jamie as my main customers, I’d be a millionaire!

  2. You are so funny and wonderful, seriously I was giggling throughout your watch dismay. I gasped when I saw this outfit. So lovely, esp with those killer collar clips. &I love how you put the price of your looks too! Its always interesting to see how much can go in to a stunning outfit <3

    • Demi

      Aww you’re too lovely Delores <3 Collar clips are the beeeest, I keep looking around for earrings and stuff to make collar clips out of whenever I go shopping now!

      And the name of the game around here is to stay under $100 per outfit, hehe.

  3. Woah that dress is a STUNNER- I can’t believe you only snagged it for $5! Good thing you went to go rummage around upstairs, that would have been such a shame to leave behind. I love the peek-a-boo polka dots in the pleats. Very french, very chic :)

    xo marlen
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    • Demi

      Thanks Marlen! I almost left it behind, too–I wasn’t 100% sold on the neckline and the sleeves, but I’m really glad I kept it now. :)

    • Demi

      Gorgeous watch, isn’t it?? Thank you so much–I’ll be changing the layout soon though!

  4. Hahaha bracelet and watches are always too big on my wrist too. I always think I have baby wrists and maybe I do, but who can fit the largest setting, really? Also I’m so in love with this perfect 80s dress. The polka dots in the pleats are the best things ever! You look fantastic!

    • Demi

      That’s so annoying, isn’t it?? I have found so many people have the same problem with arm accessories being too big, but not a single person has a problem with them being too small. I implore those people to come forward so we have a proper record!

      Interestingly enough, op shops seem to have a lot of really tiny watches. Ladies’ styles, but child-like sizes. Too small to fit even me. So weird how we can’t find watches like this in retail stores..

      Thanks for your compliments and comments, Jamie! :)

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