I haven’t shopped on AliExpress for a good while but man, I am loving this new dress.

There’s like a whole rule about redheads wearing red all over that I have completely smashed and broken, but I’m not feeling any regret about this one yet!

And bug-themed accessories are still relevant here, because, I mean, there were bugs in the wild west, weren’t there??

I bought this dress initially for my dance lessons but as we’re ramping up towards the holidays, I’m finding less time to dance as more of my time is spent sewing and sourcing various different Christmas presents for friends and family. I’ve done most of my Christmas shopping well in advance, but I know of some masochists that enjoy shopping for presents on Christmas Eve (seriously, is that the new test for sociopathy?).

In an effort to conserve my money, I’m also looking to craft a few of my gifts, too! I hope to post tutorials on a couple of them soon enough.

Between all the thrift shopping and making my own clothes, I rarely visit the store anymore, and I feel like the origin of this blog is getting less and less relevant as time goes on. Maybe it’s time for a name change, or a shift in perspective. What do you think?

What I wore:

  • Touch by Alyssa Milano 102 Black Pink Glasses – c/o Clearly
  • Bee Hair PinAliExpress, $2.45 (Comes in a pair, bought during a Black Friday sale)
  • Bee Collar ClipseBay, $1.70
  • Grace Karin Red Cowgirl DressAliExpress, $21 (Again on the same sale. The prices are back up a little, but there’s heaps of other styles and colours to choose from too!)
  • Mollini Tan Heels with Broguing – Salvation Army, $4

Total: $29.15

I have a disturbing lack of accessories with this outfit, and shockingly enough, for once I’m not wearing a belt. But you know what? I think this dress makes a perfect statement on its own.


  1. This dress looks awesome on you! I love the quirky pattern. You know, I never heard that redheads shouldn’t wear red until a few years ago and I found it completely ridiculous. Not only is red hair not usually true red, but people with black or brown hair wear black and brown all the time! The rule just doesn’t make sense! I wear a crap load of red clothes and people tell me its “my color” all the time. Those old fashion rules are dead anyway! You look fantastic!

    • Demi

      Thank you so much! I never thought of it that way to be honest! But I do avoid wearing some things because of having red hair, like pinks close to my face.. I have been forever jaded after seeing the drawing by Bri-Chan where Ariel is lamenting her horrible pink dress, hahahaha.

    • Demi

      Me too! It’s so funny and over the top :)

  2. Thanks to your blog, I’ve discovered AliExpress and the first item from my first purchase has just arrived today; a cherry blossom cabochon pendant which is very nice. The chain is a little too “silver” but for $1.36 it’s not really a problem! Love the dress. I have a midi skirt on the way and dying to see the quality. Thanks again for the tip off!

    • Demi

      Thanks! Awesome, I’m thrilled that you’ve gotten into AliExpress shopping! You’ll have to let me know how the midi skirt turns out–Which one did you get? :)

    • Demi

      Wow, gorgeous skirt! Did you check the measurements down the page? It looks like it has an elastic waist–so long as your waist is under 75cm, you should be good! (I say that measurement because it looks like the bottom of the skirt is 82cm in circumference and you wouldn’t want to be right on the edge there).

    • Demi

      I can’t wait to see pics of it on your blog :D

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