“Coordinated set” didn’t sound very good, so I decided to call this cheery 50’s ensemble a play suit. Note that I didn’t call it the singular word “playsuit”, similar to how a playsuit is a singular item of clothing. No, this thing is decidedly a two-piece, two-word outfit.

With those semantics out of the way, how freaking cute is this fabric?

I have this chronic problem where I find really cute fabric on special, buy a little bit for a little project that I haven’t yet decided on, and then when the fabric sells out, I decide I want to use it on a project that requires just a little more fabric than I bought. This happens more often than you would think. (Hello, gorgeous mint teapot linen that I had to buy for again a few months ago!)

Needless to say, with each pattern piece needing to fit precisely on my 1.2×1 metre piece of fabric, cutting was a nightmare. I figured the worst I could do was waste $6 worth of fabric, so I laid everything out carefully and gave it my best shot anyway.

This was the project that I had worked on over my little holiday down in Sydney with Annika from The Pineneedle Collective, and I was super exited to get buddied up and do some sewing! I used my retro blue and red apple-printed cotton and she used a cool vintage bed sheet with cars all over it.

I had cleverly left my sewing machine back in the hotel room (doesn’t everyone get the urge to do a bit of midnight sewing in your room on your holiday in a strange city?), but Annika kindly loaned me her’s and we were on our way!

I tell you what, for her first time following directions from a pattern, Annika was doing an amazing job. For our play suits, we used two patterns–The shorts from Style 3251 and the bra tops from Simplicity 1426. Annika was doing view C while I did view A (because of certain fabric restrictions, ha). Seeing how brilliantly her top turned out, however, has made me long for a dress with a similar-shaped bust! But that’s another post for another day.

By the end of the day, Annika had proved herself a glittering seamstress prodigy while I was decidedly more.. frustrated with my progress.

Grumpy Demi

I had to finish this project at home, but I’m so glad I finished it at all! Annika loaned me the use of her horrendously loud overlocker (all three of us practically jumped out of our seats every time it started up), but I only had use of it for the top–The inside of the shorts I finished off with bias tape, which I henceforth decided to use for all projects ever after. (Seriously, they look couture or something from the inside.)

Ta-dah! Even though it was raining at the time, I was desperate for photos so I stepped out into the chilly air and Rob captured a few shots of the final outfit for me.

I made a Pepsi button for fun. It makes me giggle every time I look at it. Ahhh, Pepsi.

And despite Daiso Japan not stocking smaller button kits EVER, I managed to pick up a refill set and hand-punch these babies, using a lot of brute strength and banging with the end of my craft scissors on the floor. I think the results were well-worth the effort, but the dents on the floor probably disagree with me.

What do you think? This is more of a beachy outfit for myself, as bare midriffs are not really something that I sport on a daily basis, but it was still a highly enjoyable project nonetheless. Or at least the results are enjoyable. (The actual project was an ill-measured pain in the petunia.)


    • Demi

      Thank you Bronwyn! Fabric is pretty dear here too, you have to really know where to look to get at those bargains :) I considered myself pretty slap-dash too, and look at me now!

  1. Waaw I love the print! you make me want to make vintage play suit too. I should buy some vintage patterns

    • Demi

      You definitely should! Vintage patterns are always so gorgeous <3

  2. This is so freaking adorable! I can’t wait till it’s summer in the north to make my own play suit! :D

    • Demi

      Aww thank you! I highly recommend it–and when you’re sick of the outfit, you can wear the shorts in another outfit or the crop top with another pair of shorts :)

  3. Having just received a sewing machine for Christmas and making the worst bodge job of a hem you’ll ever see in your life, I am extremely impressed with your skillz! This little set is adorable and looks so professional. And perfect for your figure. Consider me jealous ;) CC x

    • Demi

      Haha I am slowly getting better at hems too, trust me, they’re harder than they look! I’m cheating with bias hemming nowadays, haha. Makes everything so much easier than rolling over twice!

      You’re so lovely, it means a lot to hear all that! If you need any tips on sewing, just hit me up (Twitter? Instagram?) and I’ll more than happily lend a hand.

  4. Holy crap this is the cutest matching set! I love the fun, colorful print. It’s so incredibly summery. Those shorts seriously look perfect on you. I need to find a pattern like this. (And then beg my mom to make me one because I’m crap at sewing!)

    • Demi

      Thank you so much! I’m particularly proud of how the shorts turned out, I have to say.

      Sewing is easy peasy once you get the hang of it :) I’m sure you could whip up something like this in no time!

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