I had a job interview today! While I couldn’t shake off every ounce of my “cutesy” style in my outfit today, I did have to tone it down a bit–I wasn’t applying for a retail job after all. I still tried to keep it very lady-like and true to my style. I pretty much wore this exact outfit except with my black mermaid skirt and a black jacket (minus accessories of course–felt a little bit more “proper”, anyways). I’ve got a few interviews lined up this week which is very exciting business for a freshly-graduated designer trying to find her “home”. Fingers crossed for me!


I really adore this outfit. One of my favorite combinations of colours is navy and pastel pink (as you know) and as you’ve probably guessed, I wore my pink bow bag with this outfit, too. (The best bag in the universe, clearly, as I bought three) I would link you to it but it seems to be sold out everywhere I look for it! For the super-desperate, just go through 50 or so pages of “bow handbag” (between $15-20) searching on AliExpress and you’ll be sure to find it somewhere.

Anyways, totally digressing here.

Here’s the rundown:

Pastel Pink Jewel Headband – Forever New, $6

Pink Diamonte Zebra Necklace – AliExpress, $5.20

Flower Studded Pattern Blouse – Temt, $10

Gold Mirror Belt (w/ patent pleather back)eBay, $6.40 (I’m like a magpie with shiny things, yeesh)

Bunny Ring – AliExpress, free (Seller gave it to me as a gift with my Kigurumi order! Stay tuned for that, too..)

Pink Flower Bunch Ring – Lovisa, $3.30 (Close enough–3 for $10)

Navy Skirt – Vintage, mum’s

“Choo-Choo” Pink Patent Pointed PumpsWittner, $65 (Oh what fabulous alliteration!)

Total: $95.90

Yikes, am I cutting it close nowadays! It would have been even closer if I had bought the hairband in Carindale instead of Indooroopilly. Can you imagine that despite being situated in the sale jewelry section at the time, they didn’t want to give me 50% off (as advertised?). They claimed that it wasn’t “technically” jewelry. Pfft. PFFT. PFFFFFFFFFFT. I was quite annoyed because $6 was already more than I wanted to spend on it, despite it being absolutely gorgeous and beautiful. I had to have it–! But, sadly, not for that price. So I left it alone and ventured to Indooroopilly some time the following week.. Found the same hairband at Forever New over there and it scanned the same price as it did at Carindale, except the sales assistant said that it must have been a mistake since it’s clearly jewelry so she put it through at 50% off. Muaha. MUAHAHA  (I actually did an evil laugh while typing that and continued on in a mad frenzy of cackling, but I figured you’d get the jist of it).

I really need a hobby, counting pennies like an old woman is clearly sending me barmy.


  1. PastelVanity Reply

    I really really really do love this combination. It’s really pretty ladylike and looks awesome on you. :)

    I like how you put little touches into with cute little accesories – love your headband and the little rabbit ring!

    • Demi

      Oh thank you so much :) I sure do love accessorizing! Especially with cutesy sort of things like that.

  2. that belt is beautiful, and such a bargain! Really nice outfit :) Your studded top is lovely.

    Hope your interview went well – good luck with the job hunt! :)

    • Demi

      Thank you so much, Mica! The belt is definitely one of my best bargains to date–and it goes with *everything*! :D

  3. Like I said on IG, LOVEEEE this outfit!!! You look so gorgeous and everything just works. The blouse, the belt, the headband…arghhhh Demi, you so fine! ;)

    Good luck for all your interviews too!!!

    • Demi

      Haha oh Joan, you so sweet! :P

      Thank you so much. I love this outfit too, I just wish it was more corporate-appropriate so I could wear it to every business meeting!

  4. whoa, sick ebay find. I’m so tempted to snag that belt up for myself…must exercise discipline.

    • Demi

      It’s six dollars and it goes with every outfit! What have you got to lose? :P

      Besides, well, $6, haha.

      I’m a big fan your blog, by the way–you are one stylish lady!

  5. such a pretty outfit! I’ve never really thought of pairing pastel pink with navy, but it look gorgeous. best of luck with the interview! x

    • Demi

      I figured that navy is just a coloured replacement for black (black doesn’t suit me :( So I can’t wear black things) so if black and pink go together, then navy and pink must too! Thanks for the luck Rachel, I think I’m gonna need it!

  6. i love that outfit! especially the belt, just adds a nice pop of gold! and the headband too, so pretty!
    good luck with the job interviews! i bet you’ll get something, you’re pretty talented! :D

    • Demi

      Aw, you’re sweet Krissy–thanks! I seem to be absolutely addicted to shiny things, I think it’s becoming a problem..

  7. You look lovely! My fingers are crossed for you about the job, I’m a recent grad too so I know what you are going through! Hope you are feeling ok btw re the thing you mentioned on Twitter xxx

    • Demi

      Thanks Jennifer! I’m feeling alright, just a bit down about things but I know I’ll perk up once I get hired somewhere. Distractions, ftw!

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