I’m in love with this outfit! I had only worn the horse blouse a couple of times because it developed a hole in the armpit (HOW, HOWWWWW??) but I had my sewing machine out today, and while the thread was the completely wrong colour, I decided to stitch it up anyways. Nobody is any the wiser..

Why was my sewing machine out? Because I have a chronic problem with buying shorts off the Internet.

I bought these shorts from ASOS months and months ago, but I never had the opportunity to wear them. Apparently, I’m supposed to buy size 8 shorts because of my narrow waist, but whenever I do that, something bad always happens and it turns out I can’t wear them after all because of my ample badonka-donk (Look closely at the below picture. But not too close). So since you can always alter something smaller and letting things out is a huge pain in said badonka-donk, I always buy size 10–just in case.

Sometimes it works out well, for example, the pink lace shorts I’m too lazy to link to that I wore in an ice-cream-themed lookbook post and also a pair of mint Bermuda shorts that make me feel somewhat breathless when I wear them because they’re so ridiculously (and we’re talking like size 6 or something) tight around the waist (I can barely get away with wearing them), but sometimes it doesn’t. It’s taken me a while to alter the huge collection of shorts that I bought that are too big for me, but I’m getting there! These ones were second on my list, and I think I did a good job.

I’m briefly toying with the idea of making a post to show you different methods of altering shorts that may be too big for you, but would anyone except for me really find it of any use? Please tell me if you’d like to see it!



Anyways, without further ado, here’s the rundown:

Felted Wool Hat – Dotti DFO, $10

Amber Elephant Necklace – Mum’s

Gold Watch – Present from Mikey

Zara (replica) Horse Print Shirt – eBay, $11

Wine and Gold Bangle – Rubi, $2

Brown Leather Belt – Myer, $5 (In a “take a further 75% off reduced items” sale–you know the ones!)

ASOS Belted Shorts With Turn Up (Berry)ASOS, $27 (Using a 20% off code + currency trick)

Sheer Nude Tights – Target, 25c

Low Heel Oxford Shoes – AliExpress, $20 (They gave me a partial refund because they forgot to send the package out until I asked them about it a month after ordering! WTF?!)

Total: $75.25

I paired this outfit with an old canvas backpack I bought from eBay a while ago (not available there anymore, but available on AliExpress for $14–the graphic at the top is a stupid typo, argh!) because I needed something practical to carry groceries in. I was slightly concerned about the state of the bag (pretty poor when you look at it up close–it’s been to hell and back, my friends) and whether it would hold the half a dozen kilograms of vegetables I stuffed into it, but to everyone’s surprised, it actually survived the trip! Can you say P-H-E-W?

A little note about the shoes: They’re actually quite wonderful–so soft and very comfortable to wear! I ordered up to size 40 on their chart (I’m an 8.5, or 39 in regular sizing) and I didn’t do too badly. They’re slightly roomy but I’m not sure if I’d want a tighter fit in a polyurethane shoe. At least you can stretch leather, you’re kind of stuck with plastic shoes. Until I find an affordable pair like these in leather, these will be my go-to brown shoes.

For followers on my Instagram account, you may have noticed that I’ve been putting up some pictures of my dinners. I’ve been cooking for myself and learning to become a responsible adult–I’m doing quite well! Would any of you be interested in reading about some recipes? I’m a horrendously fussy eater, so my knowledge of recipes is quite basic so far, but you never know, my palate may change one day! (I hope)


  1. I’m interested in reading about anything you want to post!
    So please go ahead and post about altering shorts and cooking things. kthx. haha :)

    • Demi

      Aww you’re sweet, Krissy! I’ll look at making up those tutorials soon :D

  2. Love the autumnal colours in this outfit! :) really like your printed shirt too. Shame it tore, good you could fix it up! :)

    • Demi

      Thanks for your comments! :) I fixed it up indeed but I’m thinking about buying a new one because it’s a little snug around the bust for me and that’s probably how it tore :( I hate it when I buy things too small for me online!

  3. I’d definitely be interested in the sewing tutorial. I have a sewing machine that used to belong to my Grandma (she has arthritus in her hands and cannot use it anymore) and I can thread it and sew in a straight line but nothing like tailoring pants or taking up hems unfortunately!

    Great outift!

    • Demi

      Thanks, Joanne :) I’m not exactly an expert either, but altering shorts practically is sewing in a straight line! :P It’s just something you need to get the hang of. When I alter my next pair of shorts, I’ll try take some photos for a blog post for you!

  4. Oooh. I like this outfit. I love the color scheme. And you’re wearing the shoes! And that amazing hat.

    • Demi

      Awww thanks Marthina! I know, I’m wearing the hat! I thought this hat doesn’t really go with anything in my wardrobe but maybe I’m wrong.. An Autumn colour scheme for Autumn weather!

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