This is such a groovy dress,  I love wearing it out. Naturally, when the time came to get all prettied up in anticipation of my driver’s test today (in our culture, we basically get dressed up for any monumental occasion–and that’s just the way I like it; Better to be overdressed than underdressed!), this was my go-to dress and hairstyle. My driving instructor told me that most people do their test in trackie-dacks and sandals (Oh, the Australian way..) but I don’t care!

For anyone who was curious about my driving test–I did brilliantly! I have to give a big shout out to my instructor Stephen P. at Metro Driving School–I couldn’t have done it without him. I took the test at around midday on Saturday, which I’m told is the best time to take a driving test, in Wynnum for extra assurance that I wouldn’t fail. I briefly considered trying to do the test at Greenslopes but then firmly decided that I’m not a psychopath and the further away from Greenslopes I stay, the better for me. In the end, I had a lovely supervisor who absolutely didn’t make me do a reverse park (WHEW FOR THAT) and I passed the test with zero driving mistakes committed! I’m told that I’m one of four of Stephen’s students who had ever done that before. I feel pretty proud of myself, to be honest!

And after I was finished with my test, my boy came over dressed to the nines with a bouquet of roses for me (from Aldi of course, I hate it when he throws his hard-earned money on those florists who charge $50 a flower like he used to!), which was a lovely surprise. Afterwards, my mother took me out to Carindale where we had Hog’s Breath. It’s our go-to celebration place, and with 25% off on our Frequent Diner cards, it’s not bad on price, either! I ordered a delicious crispy chicken burger and my mother had her usual, the steak. All perfect, as usual. The lovely owner even threw in a cheesy garlic bread on the house to celebrate my new P1 license.

Anyways, what I’m sure you’ve all really been waiting for, the rundown of my outfit for you:

Giant Bow Hairband – Diva, $1

Floral Box Pleat Dress – Dotti, $21

Lime Green Skinny Belt – Target, 11c

Sheer Black Pantyhose – Target, 25c

Black Homyped Heels with buckle – Terry White Pharmacy, $50

Total: $72.36 (Relevant posts on the sales on how I got the items are linked to above)

I gotta tell you a story about the belt, though–I bet there are totally some out there raising their eyebrows and saying “NO FREAKING WAY!”, which is exactly what I said when I saw them. My last post about the Target Clearance Racks was not the only encounter I had with them. A few weeks ago when I went to pick up my order at the layby counter, there was a table set out with, I kid you not, dozens and dozens of belts marked down to 11c each. I asked what the big deal about them was and the woman at the layby counter told me that all the belts before me came from the dressing room where some idiot customer had separated them from the garment they came with and left them in the dressing rooms. And then the garment gets sold off without the belt and so what do they do with all these loose belts!? They sell them off for crazy prices, that’s what!

I grabbed maybe 8 different belts for myself and a few for my mother–I’m not super-greedy, I’m not about to pick up the entire lot just because they’re on sale, because then nobody else will be able to enjoy them. When I got home though, my mother’s eyes popped out of her head and she immediately sat in the car, drove over, and bought 10 or so more, some for me, some for herself. And that’s the story of how I now have like twelve 11c belts from Target infesting my cupboard like colorful pleather pythons.


  1. I was one of those people raising their eyebrows wondering how you got the belt for 11c! But that makes sense! Gotta be in the right place at the right time!
    I once bought a top from kmart for 50c because it was marked down to $3 and scanned wrong at the register so the sales assistant was like oh you can have it for 50c. Sweet! haha

    Congrats on getting your licence, yayyyy! I also didnt have to do a reverse park in my driving test…thank god for that, right!? Now I can do them perfectly but at the time you’re just so nervous about stuffing up the smallest things!

    Love your dress btw, you look so stylish!!

    • Demi

      LOVE Kmart bargains! I once got a girl’s dress for $1.50 from Kmart once and if my eyes didn’t pop out of my head! I actually posted about it last year here: Everyone loves a bargain!

      I hope I’ll be able to do a reverse park properly one day because I actually truly kind of suck at them! I don’t want to hit anyone attempting a reverse park one day!

      Thank you, too, it’s one of my favorite dresses at the moment :D

    • Demi

      Aw thanks, Elizabeth! It is a really adorable headband, I must find more outfits to squeeze it into, methinks..

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